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 Exclusive Associate Affiliate Partner Program

An Unmissable Opportunity to Boost Your Income

Welcome to HostRooster's exclusive Associate Affiliate Partner Program. Are you looking to maximize your earnings in the lucrative world of vacation rentals? You're in the right place. Our program is tailor-made to help you earn substantial monthly and annual income. Let's explore this unique opportunity:

Income Breakdown:

At HostRooster, we believe in fairness and transparency. Here's how our income structure works:

  • 15% Service Fee: HostRooster charges hosts a 15% service fee on top of their listing fees. This fee covers various costs associated with managing the platform.

  • 5% Host Fee: We also deduct a 5% host fee from the listing fee to primarily cover PayPal and credit card transaction fees.

  • Security Deposits: If a host chooses to add a security deposit, it's not included in the 15% service fee. However, the service fee applies to add-ons like cleaning fees.

  • Example:

    • If a host rents their villa for $100 a night, they'll receive $95.
    • HostRooster earns $20 from this transaction: $5 from the host fee and $15 from the service fee.

Affiliate Earnings:

Presently, affiliates receive a 2.5% commission. Here's how it works:

  • If a host villa rents for $100 a night, the affiliate gets $2.50 per night from the booking.

  • This $2.50 is deducted from HostRooster's service fee of $15 on a host's villa that rents for $100 a night. After this deduction, HostRooster earns approximately $12.50.

Associate Affiliate Partner Advantage:

We value partners who work closely with us. Our Associate Affiliate Partners earn a higher rate of 7.5% for their dedicated efforts.

  • When a host villa rents for $100 a night, the host receives $95.

  • HostRooster takes $20 from this transaction: $5 from the host fee and $15 from the service fee.

  • The Associate Affiliate Partner receives a substantial $7.5, which represents 50% of HostRooster's service fee. This is a generous reward for your commitment.

Your Earnings Potential:

To illustrate your potential income, let's consider various scenarios:

50 Properties, Average Booking Rate $100 - $250, 7 Days Minimum Occupancy:

  • Monthly Earnings (50 Properties): $1,875 - $4,687.50
  • Annual Earnings (50 Properties): $22,500 - $56,250

100 Properties, Average Booking Rate $100 - $250, 7 Days Minimum Occupancy:

  • Monthly Earnings (100 Properties): $3,750 - $9,375
  • Annual Earnings (100 Properties): $45,000 - $112,500

24-Month Growth Plan:

We've designed a sensible 24-month plan to guide your path to success:

Months 1-3:

  • Onboard and familiarize yourself with our platform.
  • Start recruiting your first 10 hosts.

Months 4-9:

  • Continue actively recruiting hosts, aiming for 30 properties.
  • Focus on properties in high-demand areas.

Months 10-15:

  • Increase your listings to 50 properties.
  • Begin developing efficient property management systems.

Months 16-24:

  • Grow your portfolio to 100 properties.
  • Fine-tune your management and growth strategies.
  • Optimize your income streams.

Ready to Get Started?

To begin your journey as an Associate Affiliate Partner, reach out to us at We'll provide you with comprehensive training, resources, and unwavering support. You'll receive a personalized growth plan that caters to your unique situation.

HostRooster's Associate Affiliate Partner Program offers an extraordinary opportunity to transform your financial future. Join us today and begin earning significant monthly and annual income by connecting property hosts with our platform. Your success is our success!

Please note that earnings are projections based on certain assumptions, and actual earnings may vary depending on property types, locations, booking rates, and occupancy rates.

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