Fast, Not Furious: The Crucial Role of Response Times in Short-Term Rentals

Fast, Not Furious: The Crucial Role of Response Times in Short-Term Rentals

In the fast-paced world of short-term rentals (STR), the ability to respond quickly is not just an operational advantage; it's a key driver of guest satisfaction and business success. HostRooster hosts, take note – in this article, we delve into the critical importance of response times and guest support availability, backed by industry insights and statistics.

Living up to Guests' Expectations

Exceptional guest services begin from the moment a guest starts searching for a rental until the checkout. A quick response time to guest messages and easy accessibility to your team and brand are paramount. The challenge is to deliver a great guest experience by being responsive and ensuring your brand is readily available.

Boosting Booking Rates

In the competitive STR landscape, responsiveness is directly linked to booking rates. Guests are more likely to finalize bookings when met with prompt responses. A quick reply not only addresses queries but also creates a positive impression, instilling confidence in potential guests.

The Research

We conducted an in-depth analysis of response times and guest support availability across various platforms. Here are the key findings:

WhatsApp, SMS, & iMessage

  • Average Response Time: 8 minutes
  • Response Rate: 93%

Onsite Chat

  • Average Response Time: 17 minutes
  • Response Rate: 46%


  • Average Response Time: 193 minutes
  • Response Rate: 21%

Insights and Actionable Tips

1. WhatsApp, SMS, & iMessage

  • Pros: Excellent response time and response rate.
  • Cons: Varied response times based on factors like time of day.
  • Action: Ensure timely responses, considering localized time zones.

2. Onsite Chat

  • Pros: Decent response time but a lower response rate.
  • Cons: Lags behind buyer expectations.
  • Action: Aim for faster response times to align with customer expectations.

3. Instagram

  • Pros: Growing platform for STRs, especially among younger travelers.
  • Cons: Poor response time.
  • Action: Prioritize quicker responses on Instagram, acknowledging its importance in travel planning.

Speeding Up Response Times is Critical

Long response times lead to frustration, negative sentiments, and reduced booking probabilities. Considering that guests expect near-instantaneous responses, the current response times need improvement. Prompt responses significantly contribute to great guest experiences and higher guest satisfaction.

Looking Forward

Implementing the right tools, processes, and workflows is crucial to maintaining low response times. HostRooster hosts can leverage these strategies to enhance guest satisfaction and elevate their brand in the competitive world of short-term rentals.

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