6 steps to creating a vacation rental newsletter

6 steps to creating a vacation rental newsletter

Attracting potential guests to your vacation rental takes effort, whether through your website, various channels, or social media. However, once you've gained their attention, the journey doesn't end. Make the most of your hard-earned leads by leveraging the power of email marketing. In six simple steps, we'll guide you on creating an effective short-term property management newsletter that fosters guest loyalty and minimizes vacancies.

Step 1: Create Your Contact List

Begin by compiling a comprehensive contact list. Focus on individuals who have inquired about your property or stayed with you in the last 12 months. Use a spreadsheet to organize details like first name, last name, and email address. Optionally, categorize by month or occasion for targeted marketing.

Step 2: Decide Your Newsletter's Purpose

Determine the overarching purpose of your newsletter. Avoid a purely sales-driven approach; instead, think about what would genuinely benefit your audience. Whether it's local events, travel tips, or seasonal attractions, ensure your content is relevant and useful.

Step 3: Collect and Create Content

With a clear purpose in mind, curate content for your newsletter. Use themes to guide your content creation, such as upcoming local events, travel tips, or stress management. Remember, your newsletter is not just about your property; it's about providing value to your audience.

Step 4: Building Your Newsletter

Take advantage of user-friendly tools like Guesty’s Communication Solutions or explore other email marketing providers. These tools facilitate easy tracking of past guests, segmentation of contact lists, and creation of highly-targeted emails. Ensure your chosen service aligns with the CAN-SPAM Act regulations.

Step 5: Newsletter Logistics

Determine the frequency of your newsletters—weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Craft a simple yet compelling subject line, following the principles of irresistible email subject lines. Adjust your schedule based on feedback and engagement.

Step 6: Get Permission

Before hitting "Send," give contacts the option to opt-in to your newsletter. Clearly communicate who you are, why you're reaching out, the benefits of subscribing, and provide a link to your subscription page. This ensures genuine interest and helps avoid the spam tag.

By meticulously following these six steps, you'll not only build a quality newsletter list but also cultivate a community of engaged subscribers. This thoughtful approach translates into fewer vacancies, repeat visitors, and a flourishing vacation rental business.

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